He sees you... with his eyes.
12mins - Comedy/Noir

Our first sequel! Detective Belding is back in action and this time, he's being followed... 

This follow up to 2009's "Pier Pressure" was created in 72hrs for the Raincity Noir Fest and was awarded prizes for best Acting (Tom Belding), Cinematography (Travis Hansen), Editing (Darren Borrowman) and Best Picture.

Starring Tom Belding, Marcel Perro, Lauren Martin,
Steve Bradley, Savonna Spracklin, Mayumi Yoshida
Featuring Bill Marchant, Raine Welsh,
Red Heartbreaker & Kirsten Gauthier

Written by Bob Woolsey & Andrew Menzies
Original Music by Red Heartbreaker
Directed by Darren Borrowman

2016 - 3 Episodes (8-12mins) 
Directed by Darren Borrowman
Starring Savonna Spracklin, Arpad Balogh
Inspired by local stories of missing ships in the coastal waters of "The Graveyard of the Pacific" along the coast of Vancouver Island, "TELEGRAPH COVE" is a three-part suspense series.

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Do Something With Your Life
2012 - Dramatic Comedy - 82 mins
Directed by Darren Borrowman
Written by Andrew Menzies
Produced by Keith Opatovsky, Bob Woolsey
Starring: Tom Belding, Lauren Martin, Stephen LeBail
Mike is in the middle of a quarter life crisis when Lindsay, the girlfriend that never was from high school, and Kara, a new love interest, both (re)appear in his life. 

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